Finally a method to actually get free Microsoft points. Bing recently launched a reward system that allows you to redeem points you earn simply by using their Bing toolbar, you can then redeem these points at the reward center where you can pick from a list of tons free stuff and one of them being 100 Microsoft points. Signing up earns you 250 reward Bing points which also translates into 200 Microsoft points!! How cool is that? And earning points is easy, all you do is click the links in the offers section of the tool bar and you already have another 100 Microsoft Points! That totals 300 Microsoft Points just for singing up. Of course Microsoft being Microsoft, one of the ways you can earn points is if you make Bing your default search provider, and each day you keep Bing as your default search provider the more points you earn.

I usually am not an advocate about Microsoft’s sneaky tactics but who can resist free Microsoft Points?? You can download the Bing toolbar here.