As more and more new technologies emerge, companies will always try and find a way to profit from the unsuspecting consumer. Perhaps the most recent ridicules invention was the 3D TV for your home. It was a great idea to add 3D technology in the Movies but now for your home? If you think about it, the idea of a 3D TV is quite silly. You have to wear a pair of 3D glasses just to watch TV? and what kind of long-term effects will this have on your vision? What about people with glasses, I would imagine that having a second pair of glasses over your eyes would cause some extreme discomfort over time.  All these questions have been ignored by TV manufacturers and should be addressed. With that said, on to 5 reasons why I think 3D TV’s will not last and why YOU shouldn’t get one:  
  1. 3D Glasses are expensive. 3D glasses can cost consumers anywhere between $150 –$ 200 bucks per-pair, a pair of Samsung 3D glasses go for $200 bucks at There are no universal 3D glasses as of yet, as each one is unique to the TV you purchased. However, according to a CNET article, a company called XpanD hopes to create a universal pair of glasses, most likely major companies will not like this idea and probably do their best to make their 3D TV incompatible with them.  On top of 3D glasses being expensive, they also require batteries. Yes you have to put batteries in your glasses! Meaning that you will have to replace the batteries depending on how much you use them. Sony 3D glasses can last up to 100 hours whereas Samsung batteries can last up to 400 hours with rechargeable batteries and even less time with non-rechargeable batteries.
  2. 3D Glasses are inconvenient. Let’s face it people are lazy and most people hate looking for the remote and now they have to look for their 3D glasses too. Let’s picture a real world scenario on average working consumer. You’re working all day and you are looking forward to come home and enjoy that amazing 3D TV you just bought a couple weeks ago. You come home and can’t find the 3D glasses, then after spending 10 minutes you finally find your 3D glasses, great. You put them on and realize that the batteries are dead because you’re not the only person who uses them, doh!  Now what? If you were lucky enough your 3D glasses have the option of rechargeable batteries, if not then you have to wait until the next day to get batteries, if you do not have any on hand already. Or if you’re TV supports it, some 3D  TVs have different 3D modes and one of them being that you can use the simple red and blue 3D glasses without the battery powered capabilities, but of course you will not get the most out of your expensive $2,000 3D TV. At this point you probably are fed up and just decide to turn the 3D option off because you just want to relax and enjoy your show.
  3. Not great for large family gatherings. The typical 3D TV comes with only 1 pair of 3D glasses, and maybe you decide shell out the extra $150 to get a second pair, great. Unless you purchased a Samsung 3D TV, according to their site, “See all the jaw-dropping 3D action through Samsung’s sleek Active Glasses (sold separately). “.  So now you invite all your friends and family so that you can show off your 3D TV, but wait, you only bought 2 pairs of 3D glasses (which cost you nearly $400 bucks) and you invited 20 people to your house! Imagine sitting there having to share 3D glasses with everyone, yes it will be fun for the first half-hour, but people will soon want to watch TV with a good picture as well, so you once again decide to turn the 3D option off.
  4. Replacements, so a year passes by and you haven’t really had many problems watching your 3D alone with the two pairs of glasses you own, you also notice that your rechargeable batteries in your 3D glasses are starting to die more often and you have to charge them every other day now. So you decide to buy another rechargeable battery, you go to your manufactures website only to find that the rechargeable lithium-ion battery costs a whopping $100!! That’s almost the cost of your 3D glasses! At this point you decide to possibly replace the batteries but now you decide to not allow anyone in your house hold to turn on the 3D option or limit the use of the 3D option, because you want your newly invested 3D glasses to last longer.
  5. Wear and tear, if you only have one pair of 3D glasses and you or other people in your house hold are heavy TV users then your 3D glasses will get worn out quickly, because of course the TV is the most used house hold electronic. Not to mention the glasses will probably be made out of cheap plastic and plastic always breaks with excessive use.  And if the 3D glasses break and they’re you’re only pair, you not only have to dish-out another $100-$200 bucks for your new 3D glasses, you also have to once again turn off the 3D option.

Remember how popular MySpace and YouTube were when they first came out? Everybody had to have a MySpace account or upload a YouTube video because it was the thing to do, well it is no different with this new 3D technology in TV’s. In a few short years 3D technology will more than likely phase out because consumers will truly become fed up with having the technology in their homes. Clearly TV manufactures are pushing 3D technology for your home because it is a lucrative money making market. So please do yourself a favor and do not jump on the band wagon or you might end up looking like these guys:

So lets keep the 3D technology where it belongs: the movies.

Article written by:

Ibrahim G. Yusuf