About a month ago, I was convinced by someone at a cell phone kiosk to port my number to Google Voice. He reminded me about all the features that I already knew exited with GV, but he also mentioned that I can also take it to other carriers, this is what I found appealing. So I figured what hell, why not and went ahead and ported my number to GV. About 3 days later, I realized how much of a pain it is to use my GV as my primary number, I especially didnt like the fact that 3rd party text messaging apps werent showing my contact names! So I decided to port my number BACK to my cell phone carrier, which was T-Mobile. After waiting out the normal wait process, which is about 3 days before the number becomes active on your phone, I discovered that my old number was still not active! I was able to make phone calls on the temporary number but people werent able to text me or call me on my old number, but it showed that my number that was ported in was active in their system. So I figured I’d call up T-mobile and find out what the problem was. Nobody knew what the problem was and all kept giving silly suggestions such as restarting phone, factory reset, troubleshooting the phone itself! I found this to be silly being a Computer Science major. One even said what I was experiencing was dual number mode, which means having two numbers active on my phone, and told me that I should wait 4 more days, note that it had already been 3 weeks since my number was ported in, so I waited….. and nothing. After realizing that calling customer support was useless, I did a google search and found that literally 100’s of other people had the exact same problem and not one single solution existed!! I couldnt believe this! So I took matters in my own hands and decided to troubleshoot this issue on my own, being that I am a Computer Science major with a Masters in Software Engineering. After much thought, I finally had the idea of switching to a different SIM card and BAM it worked! I suddenly was able to get texts, phone calls as normal and the temporary number suddenly stopped working.  I am posting this in hopes that others will find this solution and so that they do not have to go through the headache I went through to port my number from Google Voice without any issues. To sum it up, if you have any issues what so ever in porting your number from Google voice to another carrier, just get a new SIM or if you’re using a CDMA phone, ask your carrier to reset your number on your device or ask them to switch your number to another CDMA phone and switch it back. With that said, see my guide below that will show you how to port your number out of google voice the RIGHT way:

NOTE: First and foremost, do not port your number out of google voice without following these instructions!! This will only delay the porting process.

1. You need to first unlock your number from your Google Voice account, if you do not, the number port will fail and your carrier will try endlessly to port your number in and not know why the port is not going through. You can unlock your number here:

2. Next, wait a day or several hours after unlocking your number in GV to be on the safe side, then call up your carrier request that your number be ported in.

3. Once the port is successful, you may experience the same issues I encountered which is not being able to receive any phone calls or texts. If this happens, simply request that they switch your number to another SIM card or if you’re on CDMA try switching your number to another CDMA phone or ask that they reset your number on their end.

Good luck!